Security & Policing is THE official
Government global security event,
offering a world-class opportunity to meet,
network and discuss the latest advances
in delivering national security and
resilience with UK suppliers,
UK Government officials and
senior decision makers
across law enforcement and security
from the UK and overseas.

Security & Policing 2021 is set to take place
between 9–11 March 2021
at the Farnborough
International Exhibition & Conference Centre.

Enquires are now being taken for 2021
exhibitor bookings and visitors registrations
will open later in the year.

Hosted by the Home Office’s Joint Security
& Resilience Centre, the three-day-event
welcomes over 320 exhibitors across
3,100sqm of exhibition, and over
3,000 Home Office approved visitors,
with a comprehensive programme
of keynote briefings led by senior
Government Ministers, immersive experiences,
live challenges and discussion panels
addressing security and law enforcement
challenges faced in the UK today.

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The DigitalBank Vault® Technology
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Video Images  
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The DigitalBank Encryption Technology
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Our Proprietary Micro Chips
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DigitalBank Vault ™ encryption devices ​
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Security & Policing 09 - 11 Mar 2021 Farnborough International Airshow, Farnborough, UK

Exhibitor directory and list of 227 exhibiting companies participating in 2021 edition of Security & Policing, Farnborough to be held in March.