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Phantom Secure Blackberry Alternatives

DigitalBank Vault® provides sophisticated
Digital Anti Surveillance technologies:
military-grade encryption devices for ultra-secure
anonymous communication (voice calls & text messaging)
with untraceable file transfers & storage solutions

DigitalBank Vault® takes this technology to the next level,
by fully encrypting your data and mobile voice communication
while providing the same great level of access
as conventional smartphones and tablets.

This allows you to keep your communications secure and
edit documents safely in the knowledge that they are protected from prying eyes.

With DigitalBank Vault ®, you can work on the go,
as well as send and save confidential data securely
and make your mobile communications secure as well.

Government organizations have come to realize that their
employees aren’t always at their desks when they need to exchange
classified or private information.

DigitalBank Vault®  uses the highest grade encryption techniques
to allow the user to voice, video, text messages,
or send files with the highest confidence available today.

A reliable secure mobile network can expand beyond government usage.

Organizations within the private sector such as energy companies,
financial services companies, medical and pharmaceutical companies—
any industry that deals with sensitive data—
rely on discrete networks to carry out their business.