ISS WORLD Europe 2021

Block Smartphone Tapping & Surveillance on
Your Organization.
anonymous communication
(voice calls & text messaging)

DigitalBank Vault® provides sophisticated
Digital Anti Surveillance technologies:
military-grade encryption devices for
ultra-secure anonymous communication
(voice calls & text messaging) with untraceable
file transfers & storage solutions

DigitalBank Vault ® Encryption
Defensive Cyber Technologies

Reinventing Cyber Defense

Protect your organization with the Impenetrable Keyless Encryption of  DigitalBank Vault ®

Encounter the next era in cybersecurity :

The Science of Emptiness.
Empty data storage systems without
encryption keys or backdoors are the ultimate solution to stop forever hacking attacks.

No Storage. Nothing to Hack.

DigitalBank Vault is presenting a
disruptive approach to the cyber defense
of the Fintech, Healthcare, Energy,
and additional industries that needs
maximum security for their data.

Ultra-secure data storage and
advanced encryption devices are at
the core of all that we do at DigitalBank.

We are a cybersecurity company providing
digital anonymity, encryption devices,
and systems for anonymous communication
and data storage, securing total privacy.

The DigitalBank Vault Encryption Device

ISS World Europe 2021 Encryption Device

The World’s Best Secure & Anonymous voice, messaging, and data transfer device.  

ISS World Europe 2021 Encryption Model
will be sold for $ 9000 USD per unit.

DigitalBank Vault provides Impenetrable
solutions for secure mobile
communications and includes:

Untraceable Anonymous
Encrypted Voice Calls

Undecipherable Text
Messaging Chat​

Ultra Confidential
Email Platform

100% Secure
File Transfer and
Decentralized Data Storage​

The World's Most Secure
Cryptocurrency Custody Storage Solution

The DigitalBank Vault
One Time Pad Encryption System

The DigitalBank Vault ®
Encryption Technology
is changing the cybersecurity paradigm.

We are a cybersecurity company,
providing sophisticated encryption devices
and unbreakable cyber defense systems,
for the communication and
data storage industries,
securing total privacy.

Sold to private clients like CEOs,
journalists, activists, politicians,
law firms, accounting firms,
private banking, and investment.      

Data stored securely and permanently,
on public and private blockchains,
private servers, or cloud storage,
encrypted with the ​ DigitalBank Keyless
& Undecipherable Technology.

ISS World Europe 2020 has been rescheduled to DECEMBER 9-11, 2020 at the same venue,
Clarion Congress Center Hotel, Prague.

AGENDA : 9-11 December 2020ISS World Europe
is the world's largest gathering of
Regional Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Homeland Security Analysts, Telecoms
as well as Financial Crime Investigators
responsible for Cyber Crime Investigation,
Electronic Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering.

ISS World Programs present the methodologies and tools for Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Government and Private Sector Intelligence Communities in the fight against drug trafficking, cyber money laundering, human trafficking,
terrorism and other criminal activities
conducted over today's
telecommunications network,
the Internet and Social Media.

Track 1: Lawful Interception and
Criminal Investigation

TrainingTrack 2: LEA, Defense and Intelligence Analyst Product Demonstrations

Track 3: Social Network Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Product Training

Track 4: Threat Intelligence Gathering and Cyber Security Product Training

Track 5: Investigating DarkWeb, Bitcoin, Altcoin and Blockchain Transaction

Track 6: Mobile Signal Intercept Training and
Product Demonstrations

Track 7: Electronic Surveillance Training
and Product Demonstrations

Track 8: 5G Lawful Intercept, Tracking
and Forensics Product Training

Track 9: Financial Crime Investigation and Training

What is the difference between the
DigitalBank Vault and other secure
communication devices?

The DigitalBank Vault does not store permanently and has no way to store data, information, keys, passwords, or any other form of memory.

No useful information can be ever retrieved, no matter what forensic tools are used.

What can be extracted is fragmented,
randomly encrypted useless data.  

No Voice calls or Text Messages
can be ever intercepted, read, listened to
or recorded, because the communication
system is end to end encrypted with a
one time key, and 100% Peer to Peer,
without any third-party server's involvement.

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