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Encrypted Communication Devices.

Contact us at Info@DigitalBank.Capital.

The DigitalBank Vault® Technology is a world-leading cyber defense solution
for securing total privacy over Text  Voice & Video communications,
including ultra-secure file transfers and storage.

We provide cyber defense solutions against the new communication's interception
challenges in today's highly dynamic cyber battlefield.

Encounter the next era in cybersecurity, based on the Science of Emptiness​
(​Computer Science Field that is now promoted exclusively by DigitalBank ​)
We are a cybersecurity company, providing sophisticated encryption systems
and unbreakable cyber defense solutions, for the communication
and data storage industries, securing total privacy.  

DigitalBank Vault ® provides  ​Military-Grade
Anti-Surveillance Encryption Technologies​ for ultra-secure
anonymous communication (​video, voice & text messaging ​ )
with untraceable file transfers & keyless encrypted storage solutions.

Anonymous, quantum-safe, end to end encrypted storage solutions
for corporations and institutions.

Data stored securely and permanently, on public and private blockchains and clouds,
encrypted with the ​DigitalBank Keyless & Undecipherable Technology.  

No Video, Voice & Text Messages can be ever intercepted, read, listened to or recorded,
because the communication system is end to end encrypted with a one time key,
and 100% Peer to Peer, without any third-party server's involvement.  

DigitalBank Vault Chat allows you to share any file extensions in an unbreakable
encrypted form, to guarantee an absolutely private P2P communication.

We developed our own end-to-end encryption technology and this is what makes
the stealing of information from the DigitalBank Vault virtually impossible
and guarantees the privacy of your communication.