DigitalBank Vault provides
Digital Privacy Solutions
Anti Surveillance technologies:

military-grade encryption devices
for ultra-secure anonymous communication
(voice calls & text messaging)
with untraceable file transfers
& storage solutions.

The DigitalBank Vault
Encryption Device
The World’s Best Secure &
Anonymous voice, messaging,
and datatransfer device.

DigitalBank Vault provides
Impenetrable solutions
for secure mobile communications

Untraceable Anonymous
Encrypted Voice Calls

Undecipherable Text
Messaging Chat​

Ultra Confidential
Email Platform

100% Secure File Transfer

Decentralized Data Storage​

The World's Most Secure
Cryptocurrency Custody
Storage Solution​

DigitalBank Vault protects users
from all types of data breaches
and withstands any hacking attacks
for one simple reason,

it does not store permanently
any data,
information or files.

Ultra Secure Communications
No Voice calls or Text Messages
can be ever intercepted, read,
listened to or recorded,

because the communication system
is end to end encrypted
with a one time key,

and 100% Peer to Peer,

without any third-party
server's involvement.

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