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Bloomberg Cyber Security News:
The DigitalBank Vault Technology comes as a complementary
encryption system that is used when top-level classified information
needs to be shared or stored in absolute security .

To get the best protection possible,banks must take a layered approach
to online and network security.

The DigitalBank Vault ® Encryption is a double layer of uncrackable
security to the cyber tech already in use by your organization.

Your organization will continue to use their current cybersecurity
and encryption systems, our technology is complementary
to the one already in use.

You can encrypt your sensitive files and communications
with the DigitalBank Vault Encryption Tech,
then you can take those DBV encrypted files and encrypt
them again with your usual encryption systems so that it's double encrypted.

In the case, your cybersecurity system fails,
and hackers get into the organization's systems
and succeed to crack your encryption,
they will find an unpleasant surprise: our encrypted files!

Bloomberg Cyber Security

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