Each day we blindly throw ourselves into the digital ether, naively trusting that encryption,
hardened servers, secured websites and databases, good cybersecurity practices,
and good intentions from website owners and infrastructure vendors globally
will keep us and our private information safe.

We see only calm waters and blue skies, not the icebergs lurking beneath the surface.

The online world is so easy to use that we often forget both how fragile it is and how dangerous.

We happily type in our credit card details on some website somewhere in the world
without stopping to ask just how well coded that website is and whether they might
have left a database exposed somewhere along the way.

Our doctors upload our medical records to “secure” websites run by third-party contractors
that look like a third grader wrote them.

Our city governments store their records in software systems that were obsolete
15 years ago and haven’t had a security patch in 20.

All of this is hidden from the casual observer.

We just see a friendly website beckoning us inside,
not the frightening security nightmare behind it.

Few of the world’s netizens understand basic digital security and so beyond the basics of
looking for a little lock icon in the URL bar of their browser,
are little aware of all the digital dangers awaiting them.

Even the programmer class that write those websites are all-too-often unfamiliar
with even the most basic of security practices.

Making matters worse, Silicon Valley works tirelessly
to retrain society at large that sharing is good.

Whether it’s a photograph of your breakfast or the address
and security procedures of a top-secret SCIF,
we are taught to just put it all out there for the world to see.

Privacy is for the past they tell us.

Adam Adler is a Cyber Defense & Cyber Warfare Advisor,
as well as Chairman of the Board for Digital Bank Vault.

A long time entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience all at top-level
management and ownership, Mr. Adler has focused his recent years on
Cyber Security and defending our youth online.

DBV has developed a proprietary encryption method that continues
Adam’s mantra of “Privacy is Priceless”.

DigitalBank Vault provides impenetrable defensive cyber solutions
for Keyless End to End Encrypted, Peer to Peer, mobile, and computer communications.

Adam and DigitalBank Vault have constructed new & disruptive cyber defense technologies
to solve many privacy issues commonly found online and defend against unwanted intrusion.

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